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Established in 2020, Honeycore Products Private Limited is a Famous Manufacturer and Wholesaler of a Electronic Packaging Box, Honeycomb Boxes, Paper Edge Protector and Much More.

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We are the team at Honeycore Products, believe that in our world of hectic everyday life, intensive agriculture, destruction of nature's balance, and environmental changes, it is high time for all of us to change our understanding of the world.

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"Lightweight and Strong, Paper Honeycore All Along!"


Paper honeycomb is 100% recyclable, can be made from 100% recycled materials itself, and serves as a substitution for solid and oil-based materials.

Low cost

Paper honeycomb can be a fraction of the cost of other core materials and allows less expensive manufacturing processes.


It can becustomized to pack all types of products while optimizing the volume of packaging material required. This reduces waste and handling of surplus packaging.


Honeycomb paper is a versatile construction material used for quick cutting, shaping, and molding, making it ideal for customization and shed house designs.

High strength-to-weight ratio

Honeycomb packaging is stronger than steel due to its unique design structure, reducing shipping weight and freight costs.

Design versatility

Products made of paper honeycomb can be bent, folded, or cut into a variety of configurations for use in packaging, furniture, and construction.

Recent Works

We love what we do, check out some of our latest works

Honeycomb Pallet

Honecore pallets are lightweight, safe, and cost-effective for point-to-point transportation, supporting up to 1000 kg of dynamic load. They are exempt from ISPM 15 requirements, ensuring certification, fumigation, and are used for container showers and equator crossings.

Honeycomb Edge Protector

Edge protectors provide superior edge protection, dent prevention, and anti-abrasion for wood and metal furniture, shielding window frames and electrical enclosures.

Honeycomb Core

Paper honeycomb core is the central component of a paper honeycomb board or panel. It is a lightweight structure made up of a series of hexagonal cells, similar to a honeycomb, created by expanding and bonding layers of paper or cardboard.

Honeycomb Board

Paper honeycomb board, also known as honeycomb cardboard or honeycomb panel, is a lightweight and versatile material commonly used in various industries for packaging, construction, and furniture applications. It consists of a core made of hexagonal cells, resembling a honeycomb structure, sandwiched between two outer layers of paper or cardboard.

Packing Box

EPS can be supplanted with a paper honeycomb box, which is a fantastic packaging solution. To fit and support your packaging needs, it is available in a variety of sizes.


Honeycomb buffers, also known as honeycomb bumpers or pads, are protective cushioning materials that absorb and distribute impact forces using a honeycomb structure. These hexagonal cells, interconnected, form a three-dimensional lattice structure, ensuring efficient energy absorption and dissipation.


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